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Simplify movie database building with Free MovieDb Free MovieDb is a lightweight and fully featured database program which simplifies movie related data organization and look-up. Surprisingly enough, this application does not require installation, making it very portable. It is possible to copy all the program files to a portable storage unit and run Free MovieDb from there by double-clicking the executable. Additionally, it is also possible to copy the executable to a USB flash drive and run it on any computer you have access to. Supporting an unlimited number of movies, the application enables you to search for and look for all sorts of information about movies and their actors on IMDB. For example, you can see the full name, runtime, release date, director, writer, language, a short description, as well as quotes, trivia and goofs regarding the movie. In other tabs, it is possible to view the full cast, and details regarding each actor, images, posters, backdrops and trailers (from YouTube or It is also possible to take a look at some of the indexed bloopers, the U.S. Box Office (top 10) and a list of people born on the current date. All the information saved to your database can be exported in TXT, CSV and XML files. Beyond that, you can update the IMDB data, as well as back up everything automatically. Free MovieDB Screenshots: Free MovieDb Details: Version: 3.1.1 Type: Freeware License: Freeware File Size: 2.51 MB Date Added: 2015-10-25 Price: Free File Type: .exe Publisher: None Developer: None System Requirements: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or newer, Firefox 6 or newer, Safari 4 or newer Free MovieDb User Guide How to Install Free MovieDb: Download Free MovieDb and save the file to your hard drive. Open the folder in which the downloaded file was saved and double-click the FreeMovieDb.exe file. Free MovieDb will start and you will be asked to launch the program. Free MovieDb User Guide a5204a7ec7

The best thing about this software, which is available for Windows as well as macOS, is that you don’t have to install it to be able to work with movies. It can be accessed without having to bother with installation, which means that you can move the executable folder to any destination you choose. Besides, you can extract the data that the application generates to files you need, so as to be able to work with the necessary information even without the application itself. In addition to all that, you can also watch videos on YouTube and using this nifty software. Another useful feature of Free MovieDb is that it gives you the opportunity to look up a large number of IMDB details about movies and actors. In fact, this program can connect to using the API and fetch the necessary information, which you can then view on its main window. The main window displays a database full of movie information, with relevant details about the movie, including various facts such as the year it was released, the director, the cast, as well as the top 3 moments. Moreover, the application can automatically record quotes and trivia (best line of dialogue, funny line, best actor and more), as well as the number of times a movie was watched. In terms of its options, it allows you to filter and sort by any of the above-mentioned movie details. Not only that, but the user interface of this application is well-designed and very easy-to-use. It was created with both novice and advanced users in mind. In addition, the application saves and backs up all the data you want to keep, which you can easily export in various file formats. Lastly, you can also update the IMDB data once a week for free, which is a nice gesture for users who want to make their movie collection the best it can be. OS: Windows Download Free MovieDb. Recent Changes and Fixes Version 2.3 Performance improvements Browsing database Comments for Free MovieDb Hi, I like the software and have had it for a while. The only problem that I have is, when I import my databases from other programs, it doesn't import all my data and the wrong data gets put in. For example, in programs like 6MovieDB, I have movies by director, movies in other languages, etc. When I import those to Free MovieDb it picks it up correctly

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